Tameana is a profound highly effective form of energy healing that stimulates a transformational process on many levels of your being. It uses the power of the sacred triangle or Salush Nahi, symbols, Pleidian Light Language and quartz crystal tips as tools for healing. 

It is a Pleiadian energetic technique channelled by Juan Manuel Giordano from Argentina and now taught in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Uruquay, Chile, Bolivia, USA, Italy and Ireland.

 This technique has the capacity to concentrate a large amount of high frequency energy in a controlled environment or closed circuit comprised of quartz crystal tips. This high frequency energy has the ability to remove blockages from a patient’s energetic field, taking him or her to a place of deep peace and tranquillity, to say the least, because so much more happens during a session of Tameana, since the energy work has an effect on all of the client’s planes of existence.

The Pleiadian symbols used have the ability to change reality through vibration and allows the healing work to be done on several dimensions simultaneously. The Healing restructures our energetic bodies, helping us to understand our perspectives of what we are experiencing at any given moment, freeing us of limiting concepts and ideas and awakening us to the ‘I Am’ seed in our soul. This leads to greater self- awareness and an understanding of our relationship to everything. It summons within us the will to reach fulfilment in our lives and attract more synchronicities in to your life which aids you reach your full potential.

The symbols which are used in this healing together with the quartz crystal tips create the conditions needed for light beings and angels to help the recipient during the healing process as well as remove blockages and dense energies that no longer serve you at this time.

The therapeutic process is different for each session received, working on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person.  The practice of Tameana is not linear so past – present and future is worked on as one.


Every participant’s experience is unique and may depend on many things, such as their sensitivity and openness to the energy, and on what that person needs to experience in this moment in their personal expansion process.

Sessions can be received on a one to one basis and also in groups.

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