This is a nourishing and nurturing massage which supports women through the many cycles of life.  It is therapeutic and transformative, releasing physical and emotional congestion from the body.  It restores balance and harmony.  Its strength of application lays in its ability to assist women to re-connect to their deepest core and offers them an opportunity for understanding and experiencing the unity of their BodyMind. We are creative beings and we hold this power and our feminine energy in our core. It relaxes the body and supports a feeling of lightness and freedom.

The main focus of this massage is the lower lumbar and sacrum area of the body together with working on the front of the body in the abdominal area.  It releases stress and tension in these areas, where we store and hold emotional hurts and pain, mental patterns which are not serving our well-being and physical discomfort related to the general day to day working of the body.

This massage also helps to balance the hormonal system, increase circulation, improve general health and give a woman a greater sense of well-being and in touch with her own creativity.

The intention and focus of this massage is to restore a greater sense of self, emotional wholeness, a feeling of connectedness to your body and soul and a knowingness that you are complete, whole and perfect just as you are right now.

This is achieved through a combination of body massage, rebozo wrapping, meditation and visualisation, sound healing and energy healing.

Wisdom comes from understanding our bodies, freedom comes from loving our bodies and this potential is there when we connect to our inner being.  Restorative Massage facilitates this re-connection.




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