Lomi Lomi Nui Massage is an ancient Hawaiian healing art, the purpose of which is to heal, align and balance mind, body and spirit.  It is given and received in the spirit of Aloha.  It is characterized by its flow, use of forearms in a rhythmic dance all around the body, connecting with the breath (Ha) and using the principles of Huna – Hawaiian esoteric knowledge to bring healing to mind, body and spirit. It is a full body massage using oils.


Benefits of regular massage:

  • Break-up fibrous deposits & lactic acid
  • Improve circulation of blood & lymph
  • Eliminate toxins & oedema
  • Alleviate muscle spasm & stiff joints
  • Increase metabolism & energy
  • Complete alignment of the body
  • Reclaim the youthfulness & grace of your body-mind
  • A level of spirit is awakened that penetrates deeply into a realm of ancient wisdom
  • Cleanse, revitalise & connect all aspects of self
  • Connect to the deepest core of your being where peace resides
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