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Womb Blessings® Attunement – Level 3

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Energy healing attunements by Shantih Therapies are energy healing work specifically designed by Miranda Gray for the unique energy structure of women, to raise their vibration, open them more deeply to the Divine Feminine energies of love and light and offers them personal transformation and a return to a more original and free form of femininity.

It is for all women, whether one has a physical womb or not as all women have a womb energy centre that contains their creative energies, strength and empowerment.  The Blessing will help you grow in self-acceptance, self-love and empower you to walk a path of love and femininity in the world.

Each Awakening builds on the previous Awakenings creating a journey of self-realisation, self-development and growth.

With energy healing work, we undergo a process of clearing. This is a process of letting go of what no longer serves us, old patterns of behaviour that we no longer need. And this makes room for the newly transformed woman growing into the light.

Female Energy Awakening Attunements are given while you sit fully clothed on a chair in a non-invasive and safe environment.  A woman can receive an Attunement once every calendar month if they wish.  This is to allow the healing, clearing and integration of the Divine Feminine Love energy through the four female archetypes of their cycle.

Womb Healing Treatments - Shantih Therapies Ireland

This is hands-on-healing working energetically with the four female archetypes that are already awake in a woman’s life, getting energy to flow evenly between them, bringing balance to the menstrual cycle, restoring energy levels and clearing blocks.  It can bring stability to our sense of who we are, and it can bring wholeness if we no longer have a cycle. It is a gentle and supportive healing.

Female Energy Balancing works with the three main female energy centres. These are the pituitary gland deep within the brain which regulates our hormones and the amount of spiritual light we can hold, the heart centre which is connected to our breasts and hands, and holds abundance and generosity, selfless love and unconditional love. And the womb centre and lower belly area which is the centre of our relationship with the earth and the world, and of intimacy, creativity, sensual sexuality and female spirituality.

The Divine Feminine Energy Healing helps balance the hormonal cycle and opens the receiver’s spiritual awareness. It heals the heart and issues of love, caring, giving and receiving.  At the womb and lower belly centre, it works on the physical problems and emotional patterns that we tend to hold around our hips and belly.  In particular, the energy works on the four female archetypes of the menstrual cycle and our acceptance of their energies and presence, both as cyclic women and post menopause women.

A Womb Healing can bring balance to a disruptive or angry menstrual cycle.

It is carried out while you are fully clothed, laying down, comfortable and warm while listening to soothing music.    It is a supportive experience, relaxing and very therapeutic physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It can be received before having the Female Energy Attunement, after the Attunement to support the clearing, healing and integration of that or as a stand alone healing session.

Womb Blessing - Shantih Therapies Ireland
Awaken deeper awareness of the Divine Feminine within you
Express more in a way that is in alignment with our female energies
Feel empowered facing life challenges with more wisdom & understanding
Awaken, energise and heal the three main female energy centres
Increase your vitality, body-confidence, self-belief and interconnectedness with mother earth
Clear old patterns and blocks
Bring healing to all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
Confirm and validate women’s femininity

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